Trent Sowry offers a range of experience with well-balanced and strategic thinking developed from his time in the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). After his time in the RAR, Trent moved into the private security industry where he excelled in multiple areas, gaining tertiary qualifications and performing numerous Close Personal Protection roles for celebrities, delegates and businesspeople.

Trent also delivered Risk Management Services in Kabul, Afghanistan, serving as National Operations Manager and right-hand man to the Country Manager. He assisted in consulting with the Afghan Public Protection Force to manage over 15,000 armed guards and 495 security sites, liaising closely with NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Upon returning to Australia, Trent was tasked with overseeing the operational implementation of the physical security arm of ANSIC. During this period, he began with a workforce of 15 personnel in 3 sites which has now developed into a workforce of approximately 200 personnel with over 75 active sites in South-East Queensland alone.

Trent continues to focus on providing quality risk management solutions. He is currently diversifying his skill set by writing policies and procedures, overseeing a management team and moving into all facets of security and private investigations.